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GDR Recrystallization Workshop

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posted on January 17 2020

Discussions on recrystallization and grain growth

One of our developers takes part in the Workshop organized by the CNRS Research Group on the subject of 'Recrystallization and Grain Growth'. 

This research group, which will be collaborating until 2021, brings together researchers and engineers from very different fields: from metallurgy to geoscience through modeling and industrial applications.

Organized from January 26 to 31, 2020 at the Physics School of Les Houches (ski resort in France), this week is based on conviviality between mornings planned for presentations, meetings, debates and other conference activities, and free afternoons to enjoy winter sports and the resort's infrastructure.

This international conference is established around thematics on fundamental mechanisms, recrystallization in the industrial context, experimental characterization and simulation.

The event will welcome 70 participants and the presentations will be held in English.



Modeling microstructure evolution phenomena

Pascal De Micheli, scientific developer and DIGIMU® Project Manager, will attend this conference to demonstrate our DIGIMU® simulation software and train the participants.

DIGIMU® is a software allowing to simulate the microstructural evolutions of metals during thermomechanical and heat treatment processes. It enables in particular to model the generation of polycrystals, to predict grain growth, phase changes, recrystallization, etc.

Read more about DIGIMU® capabilities

Our solution will also be honored through the presentation of Prof. Marc Bernacki, Lecturer and Researcher at CEMEF (Center for Material Forming), who has been piloting research activities around the DIGIMU® software for over 12 years.

  • “DIGIMU chair: Towards the full modeling of microstructure evolutions during metal forming industrial processes”

This topic was also presented at our TISD 2019: