COLDFORM® moduleCOLDFORM® is dedicated to the simulation of cold forming processes. Its advanced functionalities cover a very wide range of processes such as cold heading, stamping and fine blanking. It is designed for process engineers and tooling designers seeking to validate their forming sequence, take advantage of a quick simulation tool for quotation and perform reliable tooling analysis.


What's inside?

☑ Cold forming
Closed-die forging
Sheet metal forming
Fine blanking
Mechanical joining
Thread rolling
Orbital forging
Incremental forming

Rigid tooling
Deformable tooling
Die stress analysis (uncoupled approach)
Die stress analysis (fully coupled approach)
Optimization and inverse analysis
Material database for cold forming

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Key Advantages

  • 2D and 3D simulations
  • Ability to combine all simulations within the same computation chain
  • A smart ‘Transition’ stage reflecting the operation conditions on an automatic transfer press
  • Batch manager capability to launch a series of simulations one after the other
  • User-friendly interface with dedicated templates for the cold forming industry
  • Multiple templates for presses (incl. hydraulic presses, crank presses, knuckle-joint presses, spring-loaded dies, etc.)
  • Automatic report generator
  • Control on maximum temperature at the beginning of each stage
  • Self-adaptive remeshing functionalities
  • Flow limit diagram capability for sheet metal forming
  • High parallel scalability for optimal CPU time speedup
  • Exhaustive material database with more than 250 references characterized for cold forming processes, compatibility with TotalMateria® database
  • Flow stress curve generator (based on YS, UTS, elongation at break)
  • Grain flow representation within the part
  • Sensors to track material points and to record scalar information (temperature, strain, etc.)
  • Access to damage criteria to anticipate inner or surface cracks
  • Tooling & Forging equipment analysis: tonnage, abrasion wear, stress and deflection obtained via uncoupled die analysis
  • Automatic optimization module to conduct DOEs

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Your benefits

➽ Modelling for every stage of the forming sequence, providing an accurate prediction of the metal deformation to anticipate forming issues, control uncertainties on the manufacturing process and, in the end, ensure high-quality cold formed products.

➽ Access to the most powerful solvers available, providing a wide range of resolutions with mechanical and thermal coupling as well as single-domain or deformable multi-domain.

➽ Perform a fully coupled die stress analysis to calculate all interactions between the workpiece and tooling at any step of the computation. Therefore, temperature, deflection or stress variations occurring in the dies are accurately modeled. This is also applicable to more complex tooling (shrink-fit dies, multiple inserts and die cases).

➽ Improved tooling geometries with parametric automatic optimizations in connection with the most common CAD systems.


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