Following its participation in the previous ECCC 2021 event, the European Conference on Continuous Casting held in Bari, Italy, Transvalor will attend the upcoming 11th edition scheduled to take place from October 7 to 10, 2024, in Essen, Germany. This significant event in the iron and steel producing industry is organized by the Steel Institute VDEh and serves as the European continuous casting community's primary forum.



The conference program includes updates on:

  • Control and automation
  • Advanced continuous casting technologies
  • Continuous product quality enhancement
  • Steel metallurgy and simulation
  • Practical operating experience and maintenance insights


Continuous casting simulation using THERCAST® is crucial for steelmakers striving to produce high-performance cast parts with exacting specifications. To streamline their manufacturing processes, steel producers often leverage advanced tools such as simulation software. THERCAST® offers a comprehensive solution by realistically modeling the entire continuous casting process, from filling to solidification. Employing a sophisticated liquid/solid thermomechanical coupling, it takes into account crucial elements like dies, inlets, rollers, and spray, facilitating precise predictions of inclusions, cracks, and tears in the final product.

As a groundbreaking addition, THERCAST® now features electromagnetic stirring simulation. This innovative functionality involves a sophisticated coupling between an electromagnetic solver, which considers induction parameters, temperature, and fluid velocity as input, and provides heat power and Lorentz forces as outputs.