Carburizing, carbo-nitriding, and carbon-based surface engineering

For the second time, Transvalor attended the ECHT, European Conference on Heat Treatment.

After the previous edition held in Bardolino (Italy) and organized by the Italian Association for Metallurgy (AIM), the 2020 edition has been hold from 30 of November to 02 of December online and was organized by the A3TS.

The A3TS is an association for heat treatment and surface treatment, which brings together various industries and organizations of which the activities are linked to material treatments.

The conference focussed on various aspects of carburizing, carbo-nitriding, and carbon-based surface engineering and covered all aspects from metallurgy to process, modeling, simulation, etc.

Oral presentations habe been hold by industrialists and scientists. In this context, Patrice Lasne, Process Simulation Expert at Transvalor, gave a lecture on:

"Numerical Simulation of Full Carburizing Process of an Automotive Gear"


Transvalor solutions for heat treatment processes

Recently launched by Transvalor, SIMHEAT® is the new simulation software devoted to the heat treatment of metal alloys such as carbon.

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SIMHEAT® is used to effectively predict metallurgic changes, reduce residual stress and minimize workpiece distortion, enabling industrialists to reinforce the quality of pieces produced while reducing their development and production costs.

Carburizing, nitriding, quenching, case hardening, annealing, artificial ageing… the software covers a wide range of processes and stands out in particular in terms of induction heat treatment through its ‘mechanical-electromagnetic-metallurgical’ multi-physics approach.

SIMHEAT® can be used with other Transvalor software, namely COLDFORM®, THERCAST®, DIGIMU® and TRANSWELD®.

Furthermore, SIMHEAT® has been developed from our FORGE® software. FORGE® performs hot forging process simulation, including heat treatment processes.

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New developments on the modeling of induction based processes

Several developments introduced in the induction module of FORGE® and SIMHEAT® have been presented during our TISD 2019.

In the following video, José Alves (Scientific Developer) present our software developments: expanded range of applications, extended material database, improved solvers accuracy and reduced required CPU time.


Subtitles available in English and French.