a conference on heat treatment & surface engineering

Transvalor is participating in the European Conference on Heat Treatment (ECHT) on 29-31 May 2023 in Genova, at Magazzini del Cotone, Italy. This event brings together experts from industry and academia to cover all relevant topics for Heat Treatment & Surface Engineering.

ECHT 2023

Transvalor software solutions offer cutting-edge technology for solving the challenges of heat treatment and surface engineering. We are committed to help industrial to optimize their heat treatment processes and enhance the performance and quality of their products.



One of our flagship software products, SIMHEAT®, is specifically designed for simulating heat treatment processes.

With SIMHEAT®, users can :

  • simulate the heating and cooling of parts during the quenching process
  • predict residual stresses and distortion
  • optimize process parameters to reduce costs and improve product quality

SIMHEAT is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and tooling industries, among others.

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conferences on heat treatment 

At ECHT 2023, two of our experts presenting will give talks:

  • Patrice Lasne, Senior Technical Expert at Transvalor: "Improved hardenability of aluminum components by associating reliable quenchant characterization with efficient digital simulations" on May 30th at 4:50 PM
    This presentation is based on a common work carried out with M. Moreno, J. Barlier from Transvalor and S. MacKenzie from Quaker Houghton.

  • Marc Moreno, Development Engineer at Transvalor: "Oxide scale modelling on low carbon steels: kinetics characterization and failure prediction during hot-deformation processes" on May 31st at 11:30 AM

We encourage you to attend these presentations and learn more about the latest research and advancements in heat treatment simulation.


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We are excited to announce our joint booths 7 & 8 with Quaker Houghton, where you can learn more about our collaboration and see our latest technologies and solutions.

We look forward to seeing you there to discuss heat treatment processes and to present you SIMHEAT® simulation solution!

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