The upcoming 3rd EUROFORGE edition is set to be held at the Milano Convention Center in Milan, Italy, on October 22-23, 2024. Following its notable engagements in Berlin 2018 and Bilbao 2022, Transvalor is ready to participate once again as a golden sponsor. 



This exhibition provides a significant opportunity for international exhibitors to showcase their companies and introduce new products to a global audience. EUROFORGE conFAIR serves as a crucial platform for industry stakeholders to converge and discuss the latest industrial megatrends impacting the forging sector.



  • Dr. José Alves will give a presentation titled "Towards a hybrid FEM-Machine Learning solution for enhanced simulation of manufacturing processes"

This presentation will offer a detailed overview of Transvalor S.A.'s research initiatives aimed at synergizing Machine Learning algorithms with traditional Finite Element simulation tools.



FORGE® by Transvalor sets the standard for simulation software in the forging industry. With over four decades of refinement, it offers comprehensive process simulation, defect anticipation, tool optimization, and material savings. Its advanced features ensure impeccable mechanical properties and efficiency, empowering manufacturers to excel in quality and competitiveness.

With FORGE®, users can simulate:

  • close-die forging
  • open-die forging
  • long and flat products rolling
  • shape rolling
  • ring rolling
  • orbital forging
  • cross-wedge rolling
  • electrical upsetting
  • cold forming
  • sheet metal forming
  • superplastic forming
  • blanking and cutting
  • hydroforming
  • glass forming
  • machining
  • heat treatment 
  • bending