Transvalor is pleased to announce its participation at ECHT 2024, the European Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, scheduled to be held in Toulouse, France, from June 5 to 7, 2024. ECHT 2024 will merge with the 50th Annual A3TS Congress.

This event will bring together industry leaders, suppliers, research laboratories, and technical centers specializing in heat treatment, surface treatment, and thin films for two days of collaboration and innovation.



The conference will cover various aspects, including:

  • Heat treatment of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Thermochemical metal treatments
  • Wet surface treatments (e.g., electrochemistry)
  • Dry surface treatments (e.g., PVD, CVD, plasma)
  • Surface preparation and conversion

Explore the Transvalor solutions for heat treatment processes with the recent introduction of SIMHEAT®

This advanced simulation software, designed specifically for the heat treatment of metal alloys such as carbon, offers a powerful tool for industrial applications as it accurately predicts metallurgic changes, reduces residual stress, and minimizes workpiece distortion. By doing so, it empowers industrialists to enhance the quality of produced pieces while simultaneously reducing development and production costs.

Addressing a broad spectrum of processes such as carburizing, nitriding, quenching, case hardening, annealing, and artificial ageing, SIMHEAT® excels, particularly in the field of induction heat treatment. Its distinctive 'mechanical-electromagnetic-metallurgical' multi-physics approach sets it apart.

It's worth highlighting that SIMHEAT® is an evolution from our FORGE® software, renowned for hot forging process simulation, which also includes comprehensive coverage of heat treatment processes.



Patrice Lasne, Senior Technical Expert, and Marc Moreno, Development Engineer, will present a case study realized in collaboration with our costumer Lisi Aerospace and our partner Quaker Houghton on the "Polymer quenching of an industrial aluminum aircraft component: analysis of process conditions on distortion control."

Anticipate the following insights in the presentation:

  • Case study: Aluminum 7175 aircraft window frame manufacturing.
  • Use of simulation to anticipate and optimize thermal strains.
  • Investigation of quenching parameters and polymer quenchant properties.
  • Innovative approach combining large-scale quenchant characterization and process modeling.



Visit Transvalor at Booth 37, where we will be available to discuss heat treatment processes and present our SIMHEAT® simulation solution!