Simulation of trimming and fine blanking processes with FORGE®

Cutting processes occur at different stages of the workflow from cutting of the initial billet, piercing, and up to flash trimming on the final part. FORGE® can address the simulation of all these cutting processes in order to increase the quality of the final component. In addition, FORGE® also addresses fine blanking process performed at ambient temperature to produce a final product.

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The simulation is used in this example to accurately predict the geometries of the punched parts. The forces and the prediction of the local wear and tear for the various tooling are also important results for this type of simulation.

Simulation of a cutting operation on a sheet metal strip with FORGE®


Predictive simulation

FORGE® allows accurate prediction of:

  • Shape of the cutted area
  • Residual stresses
  • Wear of the dies
  • Press loads


Competitive features

  • Adaptive meshing technique to the damage criteria used
  • Well suited damage models
  • Genuine elasto-plastic model for fine blanking for accurate elastic spring back and residual stresses
  • Easy prediction of flaws including Mannesmann effect
  • Chaining with other forming operations
  • With a unique software, forming operations and cutting operation are accurately and easily analyzedDiscover our solution