Simulation of hydroforming processes with FORGE®

Hydroforming is a process dedicated to manufacturing thin products, plates or tubes. In this process pressure is applied by a fluid in order to obtain the final geometry. Hydroforming is an ideal process for producing complex geometries and is used by multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, nuclear, and defense industry.

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Hydroforming of a tube with simulation of von Mises stresses and thickness distribution


Predictive simulation

FORGE® allows an accurate prediction of:

  • The geometry of the component in the final stage, including the thickness of all the components
  • The distribution of the thickness of the part throughout the process
  • The distribution of residual stresses
  • The presence of folds or other flaws
  • Optimal pressure cycle to be applied

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Competitive features of FORGE® for hydroforming

  • Easy prediction of flaws,
  • Easy prediction of thickness throughout the whole component, as well as residual stresses,
  • Anisotropic material behavior laws can be considered,
  • Dedicated remeshing technique for thin products combining highest accuracy level in the thickness and optimal CPU time.