Simulation of reducer rolling with FORGE®

Reducer rolling is used to produce preforms for components such as connecting rods or crankshafts. Simulating this preform process allows determination of the distribution of state variables (temperature, strain and stress). Incorporating these values in the simulation of a subsequent forming process, thus carrying out a simulation for the entire forming process including the reducer rolling stage, increases the accuracy level of the entire manufacturing chain simulation.

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Simulation of reducer rolling with FORGE®


Predicitve simulation

FORGE® allows an accurate prediction of:

  • The geometry of the component at the end of the reducer rolling stage,
  • Fold or any defect detection,
  • All the state variables, like for example the equivalent strain in order to take it into account in the subsequent operations,
  • Torques and loads to apply on the rolls.

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competitive features

  • All the movements of the preform within the rolls can easily be described through a dedicated Multi-Pass Command File. This file allows defining the translation and rotation in between reducer rolling passes.
  • Easy prediction of flaws.
  • Easy-to-setup tracking features. As an example, the shear surface can be tracked during all the passes.
  • Chaining with subsequent forming operations.