Glasstec 2024, the leading international trade fair for glass production, processing, and products, is scheduled to take place at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre from October 22 to 25, 2024. Recognized globally as the premier event for the glass industry, Glasstec brings together experts and professionals from around the world to showcase advancements and solutions across the glass material's entire value chain.




Under the slogan “WE ARE GLASS,” the event emphasizes its central role in the glass sector, serving as a pivotal information platform for investment decisions. Glasstec 2024 will focus on critical industry themes such as the Circular Economy, Digital Technologies, and Decarbonisation. The fair will feature a variety of conferences, forums, and meetings designed to highlight these key issues, facilitating knowledge sharing and promoting innovation within the global glass community.



Transvalor's software, FORGE®, excels in enhancing the quality and performance of mold-blown bottles, offering detailed predictions of glass container thickness, identification of defects like neck issues, and temperature control throughout the process. It also suggests the optimal pressure cycles.

Featuring a specialized glass model (Fulcher) with comprehensive data, FORGE® is a top choice for:

  •  Simulating both blow-blow and press-blow glass manufacturing methods
  •  Ensuring precision in product thickness, flaw detection, temperature management, and pressure application.



Transvalor and GROUPE POCHET DU COURVAL have collaborated extensively on the refinement of glass forming techniques, particularly in the crafting of perfume bottles.   

"Another useful aspect we are beginning to exploit is the simulation's ability to explain defects. By observing the flow of glass in the mold, we can better understand certain defects that appear on the machine. This insight enables us to modify tooling to resolve these issues, such as adjusting glass flow around imperfections"

- Antoine Robac, Designer in the tooling design office


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