This international workshop is organised by the Associazione Italiana di Mettallurgia and will take place from October 26th to 27th, 2023. It aims at sharing the knowledge about High Strength Steels and this scope will be achieved by clear expositions about:
  • Alloying design
  • HSLA steels
  • AHSS
  • Thermo-mechanical processing
  • Advanced heat treatment

Steel producers are consistently exploring ways to enhance strength while preserving excellent toughness and weldability. This objective can be attained through various methods, including micro-alloying, advanced heat treatments (such as intercritical quenching, bainitic quenching, quench and partitioning procedures, etc.), elevated levels of manganese and aluminum, and thermo-mechanical processing.

The purpose of the workshop is to convene the global community and showcase cutting-edge research and development efforts in the field of these steel grades.


One of the highlights of TRANSVALOR's presence at the High Strength Steel 2023 conference is the presentation by Arianna Gotti on the 27th of October at 3:20 P.M. The presentation is titled "Integrated Finite Element Modeling of Casting, Hot Forging, and Heat Treatment of a Shaft in 30NiCrMoV12 Steel."

The authors will discuss an integrated modeling approach based on THERCAST® and FORGE®. They will analyze the ingot casting and subsequent hot forging process for 30NiCrMoV12 tool steel, with special attention to the evolution of porosity during the hot forging operations. This approach allows for the control of critical features of the forged product, such as porosities, which can significantly affect the component's performance if not properly addressed.

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