International Conference on Aluminum Alloys

Transvalor will take part in in the International Conference on Aluminum Alloys in Antlanta, USA from June 23rd to 37th, 2024. 

The International Conference on Aluminum Alloys (ICAA) has been at the forefront of advancing the science and technology of aluminum alloys since its establishment in 1986. With a rich history that includes Georgia Institute of Technology's hosting of ICAA4 in 1994, the conference continues to be a key global event. ICAA19 is set to deliver an engaging program featuring technical symposia highlighting the latest advancements in techniques, alloy design, and emerging market trends. 


This year's edition is organized by Novelis and Georgia Institute of Technology.


presentation by transvalor

Our Materials Science PhD Researcher, Thomas PEJOT, will give a presentation about the "Development of microstructurally graded samples in 7xxx alloys aiming for high throughput precipitate characterization".

"We will present results on diffusion couples made by hot compression followed by an interdiffusion heat treatment. Specimens with a gradient in quench rate have been obtained using a Jominy test to obtain a continuous quenching rate from 100 to 1°C/s. Specimens with a gradient of pre-strain have been obtained using tensile samples with a trapezoid section, resulting in a continuous variation of pre-strain from 0 to 15%. Following solution treatment, these graded sample were aged to several conditions and characterized by spatially and time resolved SAXS."



  • SIMHEAT® utilizes finite element simulation software to accurately model quenching and artificial ageing processes in aluminum. This advanced technology incorporates quench factor analysis (QFA) and the Shercliff-Ashby model to predict the local physical and mechanical properties of aluminum components during precipitation hardening. Specifically tailored for widely used Al-alloys including those from the 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx series, SIMHEAT® provides precise insights into material behavior and performance.

  • FORGE® revolutionizes the optimization of aluminum forging processes. Through sophisticated simulation capabilities, it enables to meticulously analyze and refine forging sequences specifically tailored for aluminum components. By seamlessly integrating material flow analysis and forging simulation, FORGE® empowers users to develop highly efficient multiple-step forging processes, minimizing material waste and reducing the overall tonnage requirements.

  • The THERCAST® software revolutionizes aluminum foundry casting. Tailored specifically for this industry, Thercast streamlines pattern design, mold creation, and casting simulation. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Thercast enables foundries to optimize designs, minimize defects, and enhance efficiency. By providing accurate simulations and insights, Thercast helps foundries produce higher quality castings while reducing costs and lead times. It's a strategic ally for aluminum foundries, empowering them to stay competitive in today's market.



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