TRANSVALOR, world leading solution provider for the manufacturing industry announces that LEIBER Group GmbH & Co. KG has introduced FORGE® simulation software in its research & development department to improve the design and the process development of lightweight forged components.

By reducing trials & errors and eliminating product defects, FORGE® solution speed up time-to-market and cut down engineering & production costs for the companies evolving into the forging businesses.


Simulation to serve design & process development activity at LEIBER

Since the early concept and quotation phase, LEIBER uses a broad range of technical tools, methods and the latest technology in development, design and manufacturing. LEIBER is committed to produce aluminium parts of the highest quality, even in large batches. It is crucial to determine in anticipation the optimum forging sequence and consequently to start the manufacturing of the tooling. By using FORGE®, LEIBER takes benefit from a proven fast, accurate and reliable simulation software to predict the metal flow, identify the right forging equipment and estimate tooling lifetime.

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