Maximizing manufacturing Efficiency with Forging Simulation Software

In the competitive world of manufacturing, companies are always on the lookout for ways to:

  • increase efficiency
  • reduce costs
  • improve product quality

One of the most powerful tools available today is forging simulation software, which enables manufacturers to optimize their processes, test different techniques, and anticipate defects before making a physical prototype.

Engineers and designers use simulations to define parameters, test virtually various techniques and validate their product and its manufacturing before doing any prototype. This not only saves time and money but also enables teams to search for the most efficient method of manufacturing a specific product.

Adding digital engineering technology to their workflows and processes allow manufacturers to reduce their reliance on physical prototyping and free up vital resources to pursue unexplored opportunities and ambitious projects such as customizing products with high precision levels, boosting revenue without unnecessary risk.


the implementation of forging simulation software

To ensure a successful implementation of forging simulation software, it's important for manufacturers to evaluate their organizational preparedness to ensure a smooth transition. This involves identifying areas for improvement and determining how the software can address those needs.
TRANSVALOR can help to identify the workflows gaps and propose solutions to have the best implementation in the current processes.

To guarantee a good adhesion of the engineering teams, a training stage is necessary, as well having access to an efficient and responsive assistance from the software editor.
TRANSVALOR Customer Service team delivers trainings and offers a premium support. 

Forging simulation is one of the stones of Industry 4.0 projects. Tools like FORGE® fit perfectly in the strategy of digitalization of production. Its capabilities of customization make it the perfect tool to integrate in a full digital production chain.


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The most important element to consider is the capability and accuracy of the forging simulation software.

Whatever type of forging a manufacturer is using (open-die, closed-die, rolling, …), the simulation must be able to reproduce the real behaviour of the dies, presses and parts, based on the hypothesis entered by the engineers.

A software with a user-friendly interface is always an added-value, as the tool can be used by several teams: designers can use it at the pre-design step, while engineers test the products and its manufacturing in a virtual environment.
The time-to-market can be reduced, as the need for prototyping is limited, and the risks of failure are quickly identified.

FORGE® is the software solution for the simulation of hot and cold forming processes. It has been the flagship product of Transvalor for almost 40 years and is used by customers throughout the world. Forging simulation software leverage creativity by allowing users to investigate unusual or new methods. Innovation on the user side is possible if the software editor also invests in new functionalities. Transvalor is working on developing new tools, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Investigating in simulation can be a large step to perform for some manufacturers, while others are looking for a custom-made tool that perfectly integrate their production chain.
Whatever position, Transvalor is the right partner to accompany organizations, looking for efficient solutions to remain competitive.


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