International Congress about Materials for Mobility

Transvalor will attend the NeMMo 2022, international congress about New Materials for Future Mobility. This scientific conference organized by the SIA (french organization of automotive engineers) and the SFIP (french organization of plasturgy engineers) will take place on July 6-7, Nantes (France).


Gathering experts from the automotive and the material industries, NeMMo is a great opportunity to debate about innovation on manufacturing of lightweight components, recycled materials, sustainability, circular economy and e-mobility. Meetings, conferences and exhibition will allow the attendees to imagine the future mobility.


Conference on the parametric optimization in the Induction Heating process

Our Marketing Product Manager, Nadine El Kosseifi, will hold a conference in collaboration with NTN-SNR about:

Benefits of the Parametric Optimization in the Induction Heating process

The challenge of the automotive market engineers is to find innovative technical solutions to deal with the new challenges of electric vehicles.NTN uses the FORGE® software to simulate the induction hardening process used in manufacturing bearing rings. Recently innovative bearings have been designed and manufactured by NTN. Due to electric vehicles technical requirements, these new wheel bearings and transmissions need to be more compact to be installed in a limited space and at the same time to fully respect a high level of customer expectations. During manufacturing these new bearing rings, the induction hardening process ensures a high hardness on the ball-raceway contacts while maintaining sufficient ductility elsewhere, the difficulty resides in quantifing instantaneously the influence of the inductor geometry and the current on the heated affected zone. To overcome this difficulty, NTN takes benefits from FORGE® parametric optimization coupled with CAD software to reach a given microstructure in a specific zone of the part. After having found the best configuration, a sensitivity test is done around this configuration thanks to a design of experiments. The goal is to build a metamodel able to catch the effect of process deviation without running another simulation. Thanks to this metamodel, it is possible to quantify instantaneously the influence of the inductor geometry and current on the heat affected zone. Through this case, the parametric optimization module integrated in FORGE® software and the coupling between the electromagnetic, thermomechanical, and metallurgical phenomena needed to simulate the induction hardening process will be reviewed.

Our team together with Christine Corsini, Sales Manager, will welcome you at the exhibition booth to answer any quetions you might have.

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