We are happy to announce that THERCAST® NxT 2.1 is now available. A specific emphasis has been put on ergonomics and new functions have been added as well as improvement of existing capabilities. Discover the best of THERCAST® NxT 2.1.



A graphical interface that evolves to become more efficient

Our GUI team worked on new clever functionnalities to support your simulations and your productivity. All these functions have been developed to make your computations easier and more comfortable, while making your user experience improved and customized.

  • Integration of a contextual menu accessible by right-clicking. Read more
    Benefits: Quicker access to functionnalities available in the interface and to object parameters.

  • New keyboard shortcuts. Read more
    Benefits: Speed up your workflow and now perform your everyday actions thanks to new combinations.

  • Customizing of your environment actions (contextual menu, mouse actions, keyboard shortcuts) from the "settings" menu.
    Benefits: Improvement of the productivity and the comfort.

  • Integration of Drag and Drop make the import of your files easier. Read more
    Benefits: Easily load files into the interface from your disk (geometries, results, complete project, simulations…). Simply replace an existing geometry.

  • New fast and automatic recording options.
    Benefits: Save your work faster and more easily.



FunctionnaLITIES to facilitate the data setup and the results analysis

  • Adding of triangles in the mesh
    Benefits: Meshes correction more easier. 

  • Visualization and definition of mesh boxes simplified.
    Benefits: Activate only the boxes you want to display for a more comfortable definition.

    THERCAST meshing boxes
  • Improvement of the mesh parameters with the addition of a new generation of options and verification tools.
    Benefits: Improved quality of the meshes.

  • Synchronized animations and reduction of generating time.
    Benefits: Better fluidity and navigation.

  • Performing manipulations on multiple objects at the same time (rotation, cut, shifting, etc.)
    Benefits: Data setup faster and more efficient. 


Functionnalities to answer the needs of your activity 

  • Self-radiation taken into account in your mechanical computations. Read more
    Benefits: More accuracy in the results.

  • Improvement of thermal computation templates.
    Benefits: More accuracy in the results.


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