Conference on plastic applications

Transvalor attended the 6th edition of Polymer Foam, held on November 26 and 27 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. This conference is one of many events organized by AMI (Applied Market Information), information provider for the global plastics industry.

Over two days, Polymer Foam 2019 discusses the latest scientific and technological developments in the polymer foam industry. The conference, opened to industrialists and research institutes, covered many markets, types of applications but also technological processes. Read more about Polymer Foam.

Guillaume François (Scientific Developer specialized in polymers) and Oliver Schwesinger (Sales Manager) were on hand to represent our REM3D® plastic injection simulation software. A conference was also given to present the recent evolutions of our software:

"Understand in situ industrial PU foaming & filling using numerical simulation"
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Simulation of polyurethane foaming processes to reduce costs and weight of finished products

Many industries such as automotive, construction, transport, packaging, household appliances ... today use polyurethane foam injection processes. Their main needs are to minimize their costs and reduce the weight of their finished products.

3D simulation upstream of the manufacturing process is an answer to these problems. Our REM3D® numerical simulation software can simulate many processes such as injection-expansion of polyurethane foams, water and gas assisted injection, injection of fiber-reinforced polymers and much more!

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