Numerical simulation, competitiveness lever for the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, european standards and other regulations regularly evolve, as do high technologies. Therefore, automotive companies are constantly seeking innovation to improve the performance, safety and quality of their parts, or reduce the vehicles weight and their fuel consumption.

Numerical simulation is therefore a real competitive lever enabling automotive engineers to optimize their design and manufacturing processes, thereby reducing their development costs and deadlines.


Injection of flexible polyurethane foams: simulation vs. experience

Different software developed by Transvalor provide solutions to the problems posed by this industry.

Two Tranvalor specialists, Christine Corsini (Sales Manager) and Vincent Royer (plastics engineer), will be at this congress to discuss with peers of the automotive industry, about material forming simulation intended for this industry.

Futhermore, a conference held by François Choquart, Mechanical and Thermal Manager at TREVES, will be given on:

"Injection of flexible polyurethane foams: comparison of numerical simulation and experiment". Download the abstract pdf document - 398 ko

The work on this study is based on the REM3D® foam injection simulation software and was co-written with Transvalor.

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The SIA (automotive engineers company), which gather specialists of the automotive industry, organizes a conference and exhibition with 10 booths about Numerical Simulation. This event is held on 03 and 04 of April 2019 at Estaca, Montingny-le-Bretonneux, France. Read more about the event

SIA Simulation Numérique - Transvalor booth SIA Simulation Numérique - Transvalor