stainless steel world conference & exhibition 

Stainless Steel World is a global conference and exhibition dedicated to the stainless steel industry. It brings together professionals, experts and companies from the production, processing and use of stainless steel.


This event is an ideal opportunity for visitors to explore the latest industry trends and innovations, make business contacts and find solutions to their specific needs.
Exhibitors include stainless steel:
  • Manufacturers
  • Material suppliers
  • Engineering companies
  • Service providers
  • Research organisations



Transvalor solutions have been specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by this sector.

  • FORGE® software provides advanced simulation and analysis tools specifically designed for stainless steel manufacturing processes. The software enables accurate predictions of material behavior, including thermal and mechanical properties, allowing for precise modeling of manufacturing conditions. With FORGE®, engineers can simulate and analyze various stages of the manufacturing process, identify potential defects, and optimize process parameters.

  • With its module devoted to ingot casting, THERCAST® software is the favored partner of steelmakers seeking to optimize their ingot manufacturing processes.

  • With DIGIMU®, you can easily generate polycrystals with different second-phase particle distributions (radii, fractions) and perform numerical experiments to predict the final grain size.The grain size of the austenitic stainless steel is an important issue for parts such as primary pipes in nuclear power plants and more for metal forming.

  • SIMHEAT® is a simulation software dedicated to heat treatment processes applied either in the volume or on the surface. It can be used to model heat treatments of a large variety of materials such as low alloy steelstainless steel, aluminum, or titanium.


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CONFERENCE by transvalor

One of the highlights of TRANSVALOR's presence at Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2023 is the presentation of Arianna Gotti on the 28th of September at 12h40 P.M., titled "Microstructure prediction of stainless-steel during metal forming processes".


Transvalor solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the fine stainless steel industry.

The Transvalor team invites all the visitors at booth H85.
We look forward to showcasing our solutions at the Stainless Steel Wolrd Conference & Exhibition
 exhibition and meeting with industry professionals to discuss their needs and challenges.


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