The Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Components of the Technical University of Dortmund in Germany (IUL TU Dortmund) uses the software FORGE® for the development of its industrial research.

Erman Tekkaya, Director and Professor of the institute shares his testimony:

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In two concrete applications, how does FORGE® help the IUL TU Dortmund to meet its research requirements?


1. research on adiabatic cutting of high strength steels  

To meet very specific requirements, the Institute of Metal Forming Technology and Lightweight Components uses FORGE® software for the development of its industrial research.

The subject of adiabatic blanking of high strength steels is a complex process at high speeds and high deformation rates. The objective of the institute is use of the software is to investigate this process and understand the fundamentals so that industrial users can benefit from it later. 

In all aspects, Transvalor's software FORGE® offers the institute different advantages in its achievements:  

  • Thermomechanical modeling: a software which has the capacity to make thermomechanical modeling of the behavior of the material
  • Damage modeling: a software capable of modeling the damages at high temperatures and speeds.

  • Speed of computation: a fast software with which one can remesh thanks to the localized tension.

  • Reactive support: a program that offers good support; it's easy to talk to Transvalor's teams that have a reactive Technical Support team. 


2. research on hot shear cutting and hot sheet forming

The IUL TU Dortmund uses FORGE® for another application which is cutting by hot shearing and hot sheet metal forming.

Thanks to this type of application, the institute has the possibility of implementing damage models which are temperature dependent and which can subsequently be applied to the processes.

For this institute and according to Professor Erman Tekkaya, working with the FORGE® software makes it possible to deploy better applications for its research methods.

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