In case of ingot casting, is it possible to simulate the filling phase followed by the cooling phase in one shot?

Yes, linking the filling phase and the cooling phase is carried out naturally. It is even possible to continue the simulation with the strip-out of the ingot and air cooling phase.

Can we consider the transition from liquid to solid phase from the filling phase?

Yes, THERCAST® takes into account the thermo-mechanical behavior of the alloy from the filling phase and until complete cooling of the cast product. The thermo-mechanical phenomena that occurs during solidification, such as strains, stresses, feeding failure resulting in the creation of porosity and / or cracks are taken into account from the beginning of solidification including whether the filling phase is over or not.

Can we consider the sprays in case of continuous casting simulation?

Yes, THERCAST® comprises a tool dedicated to the construction of the continuous casting machine in which all the definitions of the machine are taken into account. The mould, sprays and rolls are then defined as they are in reality according to their respective positions in the machine and metallurgical length. In addition, water flow and sprinkler angles are among the parameters of the simulation.

Can we follow the evolution of an ingot in a forging operation?

Yes, the THERCAST® results are directly transferable to the FORGE® software without any loss of information and for a complete monitoring of the shape and evolution of the internal structure of the product.

Is it necessary to be connected to the computing server to be able to set a THERCAST® simulation?

No, pre and post processors of THERCAST® can be installed on as many machines as desired such as on a laptop, a desktop machine etc. Only the execution of the solver is related to the computing server. Data input and computation results can be set, modified, accessed, anytime and / or anywhere.

Can we test different cooling parameters without recalculating the entire filling phase?

Yes, the THERCAST® chaining function allows you to sequence multiple simulations. It is thus possible to simulate a filling phase and afterwards different cooling phases.

Is THERCAST® easy accessible?

The setting data of a simulation is performed from "templates" dedicated to different types of applications, ingot or continuous casting. These templates guide the user through the data input by default parameter values already defined such as heat transfer and friction types depending on the material constituents of the mould etc. The user views his cast perfectly and needs only to enter the process parameters known or which he wants to test.