January 21th, 2021 - 02:00-02:45 PM CEST (Paris Time)
Speaker: Dr. Olivier JAOUEN, THERCAST® Product Managers


During metal casting, gas inclusions or solid particles may appear in the part. Exogenous inclusions are among the common defects in sand casting due to the metal flow that causes abrasion at the mold (or core) surface. Consequently, defects such as mis-dissolution of alloying chemical elements can be observed into the castings.

THERCAST® software provides a dedicated feature so-called the ‘Inclusion Manager’ used to follow the path of inclusions during the pouring.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how THERCAST® allows to understand the impact of inclusions for non-permanent mold casting and ingot casting processes. After a short reminder about inclusions and their potential consequences, we will illustrate through examples how to setup inclusions computation. Different options for inclusion management will be presented. Then, we will show how THERCAST® can help to track and better anticipate inclusions for an improved metal cleanliness.
This webinar provides a key knowledge for mastering your manufacturing process and producing high-quality castings.



Live Q&A: Participants will be able to interact with the speaker by typing their questions

Public: Engineering managers, Innovation managers, Quality managers, Metallurgists, Manufacturing engineers, Casting & Tooling designers, Process simulation engineers, Research fellows, Academics, PhD or MSc students.

Keywords: foundry casting, continuous casting, ingot casting, manufacturing process, metal forming, solidification, casting defects, numerical simulation, material science, mechanical engineering, ergonomics, simulation software.

Important information:

  • This webinar will be held in English.
  • After the webinar, the participants may use the chat to ask their questions.


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