June 17th, 2021 - 02:30-03:15 PM CET (Paris Time)
Speakers: Aurore ULLY & Olivier JAOUEN, TRANSWELD® Product Managers

Transvalor is an independent software editor, reference leader in the field of material forming and assembly simulation.

In markets where the safety of welded assemblies is essential, analysis with TRANSWELD® offers a global and innovative solution to guarantee the quality of your bead and anticipate numerically potentials welding defects.

The new version of our software will soon be available. In this webinar, we will show you how TRANSWELD® NxT 2.0 can be a powerful partner in the development of your assembly parts:

  • 3 mains applications: TRANSWELD® addresses a large range of processes. It allows you to precisely model fusion welding and solid-state welding processes, but also additional operations such as heat treatment or mechanical tests.
  • 2 solving methods: Choose the Pre-Defined Weld Bead method (PDWB) to obtain quick and accurate results at the scale of your part scale or opt for the transient method to simulate the exact assembly at the bead scale.
  • Act to eliminate risks: Anticipate welding defects and deformations and study the metallurgy of your assembly. TRANSWELD® helps you to understand the influence of process conditions (clamping system, welding sequence…) on the characteristics of your parts.
  • A daily partner: Discover key features helping you to setup and understand results quickly and easily.



Public: Welding Technicians, Welding engineers, Engineering managers, Innovation managers, Quality managers, Manufacturing engineers, Process simulation engineers, Research fellows, Academics, PhD or MSc students.

Keywords: Welding, assembly, laser welding, resistance spot welding, friction welding, MIG/MAG, TIG, beam, manufacturing process, lightweight, numerical simulation, material science, mechanical engineering


TRANSWELD® offers an industrial solution for predicting the thermomechanical behavior of an assembly during a welding process.

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