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Engineering services for your simulation projects

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Our resources at your disposal to facilitate your projects

Our Expertise & Consulting service is at your disposal to carry out simulation studies when you are solicited following a call for tender or when facing specific manufacturing issues. This service brings you many benefits to improve the development process of your products.

A team of experts dedicated to your simulations

Based on 30 years of experience and software knowledge, we provide our expertise for the realization of your tailor-made simulations in the field of material forming. 

Whether your needs are punctual or recurrent, our Expertise & Consulting department carries out your simulations and then provides you with a detailed analysis of the results.

Reduce development cost
and risk

You entrust your project to the professionals of our Expertise & Consulting team, specialized in numerical simulation of material forming (forging, foundry, heat treatment, plastic injection, chemical foaming, polyurethane foam expansion ...)

Have some of our best technical resources

You benefit from the computing power of our service as well as the latest software versions and therefore new features.

Reduce your expenses

You do not need to acquire the software, implement it in your company or train your teams to use it. It is also a way to "test" our capabilities for the first time before buying the software.

Save time

In the case of heavy workload or insufficient human resources within your company, you are discharging a project and you can devote yourself to other missions.


Need help solving your most difficult issues?



Why contacting our Expert & Consulting teams?

Transvalor will help you in different fields:

  • Study with multi-physics coupling
  • Dimensioning calculation - Service life of components - Product analysis
  • Optimisation of existing manufacturing processes
  • Analysis in the context of project such as POC 'Proof Of Concept'
  • Tailored made developments (e.g. user subroutines)

A few examples of studies made for our customers

  • Optimization of distorsion and phase transformations observed during water quenching of long tubes for the offshore sector
  • Fatigue analysis considering residual stresses due to prior forming process
  • Study of the complete manufacturing chain from ingot casting to forging
  • Optimisation of PUR foam expansion process to validate thermal insulation properties of a boiler
  • Study on syntactic foams with impact of glass microsphere density on thermal local properties (application : underwater pipelines for the offshore sector)

We are listening to you to understand your issues

  • As a starting point, in discussions with your specialists, we assess your industrial needs in terms of objectives, expected results, deadlines and budget.
  • We translate your need in terms of numerical simulation and offer a tailor-made service
  • We recover your material data and all the information necessary for the realization of the simulation, such as CAD models, physical test data, etc.
  • We run your simulation for you and stay in touch to let you know.
  • At the end of the study, we organize a web-conference to present the results and proceed to their analysis.
  • At your request, detailed results files and the means of analyzing them can be provided to you.


Knowledge transfer with Transvalor trainings

Transvalor can also provide you with support so you can master the aspects highlighted during the execution of your study.Benefit from customized training sessions at your company's premises, at Transvalor's premises or via a web conference. This ensures that your teams are ready to apply the simulation to successfully design future projects.