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Licenses for educational purposes for universities and other academic institutions at very preferential rates

Transvalor provides simulation software for material forming for research and educational institutions

All these offers contain a license period of 3 years which will allow you, as our partners, to participate in research programs.

If you're interested by our academic programs, contact us:

Who is eligible?

  • Professors, trainers or teachers of academic institutions offering courses.
  • Scientists in the field of research for material forming.

This software can not be used for commercial purpose.

What is included in the offer?

You will benefit  from a floating licence of 32 tokens which will enable you to:

  • launch simultaneous computations,
  • get fast results,
  • allow a large number of users to run computations,
  • carry out your R&D projects to perform complex simulations,
  • explore all the advanced potentialities of the software such as metallurgy or electromagnetism..

Our academic programs offer you even more advantages

  • A 2 days interuniversity training provided by our experts. This training, which will be held in our location in Biot (Sophia Antipolis technopole), France, will be the opportunity for you to share your experience with other researchers.
  • Take advantage of the graphic interfaces of the software for an unlimited number of users in order to facilitate the organization of your practical work.
  • The academic programs include an advanced technical support and are available for the FORGE®, THERCAST® and REM3D® software.

Get further details by contacting our Sales Team at sales@transvalor.com or on the button at the top of the page.

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