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The simulation software dedicated to the welding processes

TRANSWELD® is a software devoted to provide an industrial solution in order to predict the thermo-mechanical  behaviour during the welding of an assembly.

TRANSWELD® is the outcome of research projects conducted in collaboration with the Center for Material Forming (Cemef MINES ParisTech) and several industrial partners.

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TRANSWELD® for arc welding, TIG / MIG / MAG, laser welding, hybrid welding and spot welding

TRANSWELD® is a 100% predictive numerical tool.  The main results output from the simulation are:

  • Stresses and deformation by the end of the process
  • The temperature evolution during the process (solidification)
  • The shape of the weld bead (for the process with filler material)

In order to optimize the computation time, together with the guarantee of a high results accuracy, TRANSWELD® uses an automatic remeshing technique, fully transparent for the user.

The graphical user interface is 'process-oriented' and is easily accessible by every kind of users whatever their core-business is (R&D, production, …etc.).

In mid-term, welding processes such as brazing should be implemented into TRANSWELD®.

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Illustration of automatic remeshing: the initial mesh (a,c) of the part is going to be refined  in the area where the filler metal will be fed (b,d)


Von Mises stresses obtained during MIG welding of two plates showing an assembly gap.