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posted on April 15 2019

ESAFORM conference, place of scientific exchange on material forming

Transvalor is taking part in the 22nd edition of the material forming conference (ESAFORM 2019) which is organised in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) from 08th to 10th May of 2019.

This conference is organized every year by the European Scientific Association for Material Forming founded in 1997.

ESAFORM 2019 is a meeting place for all professions related to material forming: materials experts, process engineers, simulation engineers, developers, product managers ...

Many thematics will be discussed around material forming. A wide range of features will be addressed:

  • All types of materials: metals, polymers, ceramics and other composites
  • Traditional processes and new processes
  • Nano, micro, macro and meso scale studies
  • Modeling, simulation or experimental approaches

Technological innovations and recent discoveries in these areas will be particularly highlighted.

Three conferences given by Transvalor

Three engineers of our Development team will be at ESAFORM 2019 to hold scientific presentations about:

  • PhD Pascal De Micheli : "DIGIMU®: 2D and 3D Full Field Recrystallization Simulations and Optimization of Multi-Pass Processes"
    Read the abstract
  • PhD Stéphane Marie : "Electrically Assisted Forming Simulation Solutions with FORGE®
    Read the abstract
  • PhD Jose Alves  : "On the effect of boundary conditions for Electromagnetism in Induction Heat Treatment simulations
    Read the abstract

They will also hold a booth to discuss about material forming in all its aspects with visitors.