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Simulation of sheet metal forming with FORGE®

Sheet metal forming is used for manufacturing thin products. The process can be carried out as a cold or a hot forming process (Hot Press Forming, HPF). 

FORGE® simulates both types of sheet metal forming operations in order to optimize process parameters and to ensure the parts’ quality.

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The example presented here corresponds to the hot forming of a middle riser of automobile bodywork. Following the stamping operation, the part formed is cooled between the two dies which makes it possible to check its microstructure and its final shape. The FORGE® software can be used in this type of configuration and considering the microstructural changes.


predictive simulation

FORGE® allows accurate prediction of:

  • Final shape with the prediction of final thickness,
  • Defects like striction,
  • Residual stresses,
  • Press loads including loads to apply on the blank holders,
  • Metallurgic changes in the case of Hot Press Forming.
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Points forts

  • Dedicated meshing technology for thin products allowing multiple elements in the thickness without impacting CPU time,
  • Genuine elasto-plastic model for cold operations for accurate elastic spring back and residual stresses,
  • Anisotropic models and complex hardening models (kinematic hardening),
  • For HPF, embedded heat treatment models to accurately predict metallurgic phase transformation and martensite production,
  • Accurate temperature prediction thanks to coupled part-dies analysis,
  • With a unique software, multiple operations can be achieved: forming operations as well as subsequent blanking operations are accurately and easily analyzed..

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