Transvalor is pleased to participate to the ForTech Bulk 2022 (Forming Technology Network Bulk), formerly New Developments in Forging Technology NEMU. The conference will take place over 2 days, on May 18th and 19th at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.



This international conference will be put on networking, discussing current trends and presenting hot topics in the field of material forming such as digitization of manufacturing processes, sustainability or artificial intelligence in the forging industry, an approach that Transvalor is developing for future integration in its simulation solutions.

Nadine El Kosseifi, Transvalor Product Marketing Manager and Mickael Muckelbauer from the Turkish industrial group Güris, users of FORGE® software, will discuss the impact of engineering simulation to optimize production and control the entire manufacturing process.


Presentation abstract:


Parsan and Omtas are two forging companies with plants in and near to Istanbul, Turkey. They belong to the Güris Industrial Group, which again belongs to the Güris Holding, founded 1958. The Güris Holding is a multi-industry corporation which generates approx. 1 Bil. € per year, with 6000 employees.The simulation of forming processes is an essential tool in the design chain of forging companies for more than 2 decades now. It is state-of-the-art to make simulations with the designed tools in order to see problems that require changes prior to production. Mainly it is used to see non-fill areas and folds or defects. Also, it can be useful to analyse die stresses and improve die life. When it comes to very precise parts with tight tolerances, especially in hot forging it is needed to look into the whole process chain and use all possible features provided of the software tools. Beginning with the induction heating, over the forging process considering all transportation and waiting times, heating and cooling with lubricants of tools, with the development of steady-state temperature fields in the dies, deformations of these, ending with the cooling and heat treatment of the product, it is possible to get a better understanding of all influences. At Parsan and Omtas this information is used to optimise processes, ensure a stable quality and support competitiveness. This paper is showing how it is used, which experience has been made over the last couple of years and which developments are expected for the future. It is also shown how E-Mobility is affecting a traditional forging company and which measures are taken.

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