Simulate the entire production chain is a growing need in the manufacturing industry and requires industrials to use several software coming from different companies. Therefore, there is a real challenge for CAE software publishers such as Transvalor, who must develop the interoperability of their products.


What's the interoperability for software?

It is the ability of a software to exchange and run with other software without any computer restriction (like the format). The interoperability has several undeniable benefits :

  • Improve the precision of simulations and therefore the quality of the products or processes
  • Reduce the development time and therefore the associated costs


Interoperability of TRANSWELD® welding software 

In the automotive industry, the need of interoperability of manufacturing process simulation software and structure and crash analysis software is important. Indeed, the product final properties depend on the manufacturing process and have an impact on the crash test results.

Transvalor Development teams are working on the interoperability of TRANSWELD®, welding processes simulation software, and LS-Dyna®, structure analysis software.

Discover our solutionTo do so, Transvalor carried out a case study with Faurecia Automotive Seating, who assembles lightweight components by laser welding for the manufacture of automotive seats.

  • The welding process has been simulated with TRANSWELD®.
  • The simulation allowed to get important results for the crash-test : metallurgical properties, melted zone, local metallurgical phases distribution, hardness, etc.
  • Results have been imported into LS-Dyna® to analyze the structure and run the crash test simulation
This study illustrates the potential gains associated with this new exchange format, including the simplification of operations chaining between "process" simulation and "crash" simulation. In the end, the standard VMAP exchange format is intended to be more efficient because it is more compact and very well documented, with the ultimate guarantee of strong interoperability for a wide range of CAE software.
In addition to interacting with external software, TRANSWELD® can be used with other Transvalor software: THERCAST® (casting, solidification), FORGE® (hot and warm forging), COLDFORM® (cold forming), SIMHEAT® (heat treatment) and DIGIMU® (microstructures evolution).


Conference on CAE Software interoperability

logo_VMAPTransvalor took part in the first International Conference on CAE Interoperability organized around the VMAP project. 

This event held online the 19 and 20 of October, gathered important peers of the CAE such as the NAFEMS association and other CAE software publishers and users.

Transvalor presented the Faurecia case study to introduce the benefits of the VMAP standard format to simulate the laser welding process and the impact on crash-test analysis.

  • "CAE software interoperability: Impact of in-use properties of a welded part on crash analysis".