We are happy to announce the delivery of the version FORGE® NxT 3.1. New functionalities, improvement of existing functionalities and a better ergonomics, discover the essentials of FORGE® NxT 3.1.

An even more efficient and intuitive graphical interface

Our GUI team has developed new clever functionalities that will accompany you on a daily basis and accelerate your routine tasks. All these functionalities have been designed to make your work easier and more comfortable, bringing you a better and personalized experienced. 

  • Integration of a contextual menu accessible by right-clicking. Read more
    Benefits: Quicker access to functionnalities available in the interface and to object parameters. Menu customization possible for an increased productivity.

FORGE right clic

  • Integration of Drag and Drop make the import of your files easier. Read more
    Benefits: Easily load files into the interface from your disk (geometries, results, complete project, simulations…). Simply replace an existing geometry.
  • New keyboard shortcuts. Read more
    Benefits: Speed up your workflow and now perform your everyday actions thanks to new combinations.

  • New fast and automatic recording options.
    Benefits: Save your work faster and more easily.

  • Customizing mouse actions to perform navigation actions.
    Benefits: Gain comfort by configuring your mouse buttons yourself.

  • Setup of your favorites among the simulation models and the elements of the database.
    Benefits: More personalized search and selection.

  • Improvement of loading time when loading projects and results in the interface.
    Benefits: Reduced loading times and improved stability.

  • Correction of functionnalities which can lead to unstable behavior, reported by our users.
    Benefits: Better fluidity and stability of the interface.


More and better features for data setup and results analysis

  • Manipulation on multiple objects at once (rotation, cutting, shifting etc.).
    Benefits: Faster data setup, more efficient.

  • Visualization and definition of mesh boxes simplified.
    Benefits: Activate only the boxes you want to display for a more comfortable definition.

  • Improvement of the mesh parameters with the addition of a new generation of options and verification tools.
    Benefits: Improved quality of the meshes.

  • Integration of Custom Actions applicable with a single click (scalar, scale, filter, cutting plane...).
    Benefits: Personalization of the display of results for a more precise and quick analysis.


  • Improved performance in reading results.
    Benefits: Better fluidity and navigation.

  • More control given to users for the application configuration.
    Benefits: Advances customization of your interface for a use that suits you.

  • Synchronized animations and reduction of generating time.
    Benefits: Better fluidity and navigation.


New functionalities related to your business

  • Consideration of phosphate coating of parts to facilitate the forming.
    Benefits: Easily define the areas treated on your parts.


  • New quenchants among Aqua-Quench® and Houghto-Quench® ranges from Quaker-Houghton available in the database.
    Benefits: Simulations more predictive.

  • Creation of new simulation templates for the processes of flow forming/spinning and for heat treatment of aluminum.
    Benefits: Simulation models panel richer. 

  • Improvement of computation times for induction and flow forming processes.
    Benefits: Reduction of CPU times.

If you would like to have more information on the content of this version, we invite you to read the Product Overview, from FORGE® NxT 3.1

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