STEELSIM is an international conference that takes place every 2 years in a different cities around the world. The 9th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes in Steelmaking will take place in Vienna, Austria in October 04th - 07th, 2021.

Topics cover all aspects related to new developments in modelling and simulation of metallurgical processes of steelmaking and ironmaking.

Transvalor's contribution

Transvalor is very pleased to be part of the event.  Frédéric COSTES, Head of THERCAST® department, will give a lecture in collaboration with Ascometal, here is the abstract:

Impact of radiative heat transfer on cooling of steel ingots during transport – a numerical analysis

Regardless of the process (continuous casting, ingot or investment casting), the resolution of the thermal equations in FEM software remains a key point in order to have an accurate prediction. This aspect can be relatively complex when heat transfers are dealing with radiative phenomena.

The aim of this paper is to describe these major phenomena which take place during the transport of large dimensions ingots coming from metal casting.
In this context, the ingots are transported in wagons during several hours and it is crucial to study the relative position of each ingot to control the temperature variations due to radiative phenomena.The radiative heat transfers in a transparent medium is based on a method that uses purely geometrical factors called form factors (or view factors).
Calculating these factors is preponderant and requires the use of high-performance digital tools (management of hidden surfaces, symmetries, etc.).

In this paper, we will present the analytical solutions for simple geometries used to validate this radiation model and the benefits of these new tools for more elaborated industrial applications.

Authors Ascometal : Didier Lawrjaniec, Joëlle Demurger
Authors Transvalor : Victor Trejo, Frédéric Costes, Olivier Jaouen, Stephane Andrietti

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