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From 2009 on, TRANSVALOR SA decided to strengthen the development of new activities originating from the research centres by setting up an Innovation Department responsible for the maturation of new projects.


Standing out amongst these at the joint MINES ParisTech/ ARMINES centres are:

  • Industrialisation of the SODA web services portal and the HELIOCLIM solar radiation database developed at the the Centre for Observation, Impacts, Energy (O.I.E.), with two million queries a month in 2010; this portal, which is run internally by three people in partnership with the research centre, is becoming the world standard for providing solar radiation data ;
  • Fluid transfer simulation in porous environments taking geochemical exchanges into account (CHESS and HYTEC software developed at the Centre for Geosciences) ;
  • Commercialisation of MORPH-M image analysis software at the Centre for Mathematical Morphology.
  • Industrializing and distributing the Z-set software suite developed by the ParisTech Materials Center in collaboration with ONERA the French Aerospace Lab. Z-set software is a development and calculation platform based on the Finite Elements method which now offers a wide ranging choice of simulation tools for the non-linear materials and structure analysis:

o    Modeling the behavior of non-linear materials,
o    Assessing the service life of parts subjected to complex forces,
o    Simulating crack triggering and propagation,
o    Microstructure calculations,
o    Coupled problems.

The code is distributed and maintained by the Valorisation team at the Materials Center who provide an interface with industrial partners. They provide on-demand assistance or design work which may also comprise an experimental part when it comes to characterizing materials. A dedicated website can be found at www.zset-software.com, detailing the various products, software solutions and services available.