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Determine optimal process parameters

REM3D® is the plastics injection simulation software of the Transvalor suite. It simulates the chemical foaming process and especially integrates models dedicated to open mold foaming. This process involves pouring polyurethane foam into an open mold and then closing it before complete foam expansion. The mold is opened once the polymerization has ended.

The module included in REM3D® makes it possible to test and identify the optimal parameters for the production of foamed parts. Indeed, it is possible to:

  • Determine foam deposit areas
  • Determine input parameters: injectors characteristics for foam deposit, filling speed, injection mass, mix temperature, vents position and size,  mold inclination and temperature, etc.
  • Analyze various defined combinations

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Analyze and improve chemical foaming

Once the parameters have been entered, REM3D® models the filling of the mold. The software can analyze the evolution of the foam density, to optimize the mass initially deposited and to reduce the cycle times.

REM3D open mold foaming simulation

Potential defects such as underfillings will also be detected to contribute to high quality parts manufacturing. 

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