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THERCAST® - Overview

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THERCAST® is a 3-D finite-element software system that simulates foundry, ingot casting and continuous casting of steel and other metals. It reduces the time and cost of planning, optimizing, starting up and running a new casting process, or of optimizing an existing one.


Proven real-world accuracy
Thermo-mechanical foundation
Performance and scalability
Easy setup and exploration
Start-to-finish simulation

Its advantages include:

  • Proven accuracy in predicting real-world results.
  • A unique thermo-mechanical foundation, which comprehensively addresses the many complex interactions between cooling, shrinking metal, molds and all other elements of the casting process.
  • High performance and scalability across processor cores, allowing more accurate simulations, larger numbers of simulations, or both, or data for simulations of later manufacturing steps.
  • Fast and easy setup of new process simulations, and ease of conducting "what-if" investigations of existing processes.
  • The ability to simulate casting processes from start to finish, providing better insights and avoiding the need for multiple simulation tools.

THERCAST® also provides unmatched information on the temperature over time, stresses and other attributes of any point on or within the produced part, providing useful insights for later users of that part, or data for simulation of later manufacturing steps.


In this ingot casting example, THERCAST® precisely predicts the temperature at every point as the metal cools in the mold. That has many advantages for quality, efficiency and cost savings.
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In continuous casting, it is crucial that the skin of the metal is strong enough upon leaving the mold to contain the still-molten metal inside. This THERCAST® simulation shows an undesirable and potentially dangerous “breakout” situation where this is not the case. Being able to predict problems before production begins can provide significant cost, time, quality and safety benefits.
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