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THERCAST® is a highly-reliable 3D finite-element software system for foundry and casting processes

Suited for any kind of ferrous or non-ferrous alloys

The software simulates foundry casting, ingot casting and continuous casting.

Thanks to simulation, be ready to apply a rational decision-making approach! Define with certainty the optimal manufacturing conditions in order to increase control on your process and to guarantee the perfect health of your cast parts.

Make substantial savings on design lead-times for new parts and reduce development costs when starting up a new casting installation or when optimizing an existing process.


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Foundry casting

Continuous Casting

Ingot Casting

Proven real-world accuracy
Thermo-mechanical foundation
Performance and scalability
Easy setup and exploration
Start-to-finish simulation

Its advantages include:

  • Proven accuracy in predicting real-world results.
  • A unique thermo-mechanical foundation, which comprehensively addresses the many complex interactions between cooling, shrinking metal, molds and all other elements of the casting process.
  • High performance and great scalability across parallel computing with multiple processor cores, allowing : - more accurate simulations with limited CPU time, and - to trigger larger numbers of concurrent simulations.
  • Fast and easy setup of new process simulations, and ease of conducting "what-if" investigations of existing processes.
  • The ability to simulate the complete casting processe from filling to knock-out all through solidification.

At any point on or within the cast part, THERCAST® provides a global set of results recorded over time such as temperature, stresses, porosity and segregation distributions. THERCAST® allows to export these results so as to simulate later manufacturing steps by means of finite element analysis software.

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