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Start-to-finish simulation

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Simulate your casting process from start to finish, without the need for multiple software tools

A key advantage of THERCAST® is its ability to accurately simulate every step from the beginning to the end of the casting process. Alternative approaches typically involve software tools from different vendors, presenting you with training, licensing, maintenance and compatibility challenges.


Ingot casting:
In ingot casting applications, THERCAST® models the behavior of the metal and casting equipment, from pouring to cooling and solidification, and finally the stripping out of the ingots.
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Continuous casting:
For continuous casting, the behavior of the metal, molds, rolls, sprays and air are all modeled, providing an accurate and complete understanding of your process and your cast parts. 
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Compatibility with Transvalor FORGE®:
In environments where FORGE® is also used to simulate later forging operations on your cast parts, the data from THERCAST® can be quickly and seamlessly moved to FORGE®, yielding even greater cost savings and productivity.


This THERCAST® simulation shows a bottom-filled ingot casting process. In this case, insufficient amounts of exothermic powder on the top surface of the metal allows heat to escape rapidly to the air, resulting in a void that makes the ingot unusable. Using THERCAST® to identify and prevent this problem in production saves time and money.

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