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TRANSVALOR supports you in training your teams, cultivating your expertise and supporting your  technological changes, all of which comes down to enhanced competitivity!



Our courses

24 trainings including 7 leading to quailfications

Qualification Transvalor - formation FORGE<sup>®</sup>  Qualification Transvalor - formation COLDFORM<sup>®</sup>  Qualification Transvalor - formation THERCAST<sup>®</sup>  Trainings with the Transvalor Qualification option (see below)
 New trainings available in 2020. 


Why come to Transvalor for training?

We always have formulas suited to your needs :

Open-course trainings

  • These courses are held at TRANSVALOR’s location in Biot, France
  • These courses bring together 1 to 8  participants from various companies, facilitating exchanges and opening the way for sharing experience in learning and using the software
  • They offer a way to get a grounding in the software or to approach generic themes like die analysis or automatic optimization

In-company courses

  • These courses are held at your own location for 1 to 3 staff members
  • Every open-course training is also available as an intra-company course on a date of your choosing
  • You gain the ability to work on your own geometry and/or examples relating to what you make

Tailored courses are proposed in order to answer your needs for expertise in one or more specific areas.


New: Transvalor qualifications!

TRANSVALOR offers courses leading to qualifications that are easily identified by the following logo. This option is offered at the price of 200 € VAT. 

Which benefits?

  • show your certified ability to use TRANSVALOR software professionally,
  • prove your theoretical and hands-on expertise in numerical simulation,
  • put your qualification certificate to work by enriching your resume or your profile on professional social media.

Qualification Transvalor - formation FORGE<sup>®</sup>    Qualification Transvalor - formation COLDFORM<sup>®</sup>    Qualification Transvalor - formation THERCAST<sup>®</sup>

Accomodation during you training

Our recommendations of accomodations near Transvalor on this link


For any question please contact: sales@transvalor.com

Phone: +33 (0)4 9292 4200

TRANSVALOR is an approved Training Organization under French law, registered with the Prefecture of the Ile de France Region and the Department of Paris under number 11061363575. For the French market, TRANSVALOR is also referenced with the Datadock service in line with Decree 2015-790 dated June 30, 2015.