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Improvement of the induction model adapted to heat treatments

posted on April 01 2020

A doctoral student works with our Scientific Development team on the induction model and more particularly on the adaptation of the meshing.


Index Egapro

posted on January 01 2020

Index Egapro Transvalor


Improvement of radiation calculation in THERCAST®

posted on December 10 2019

Radiation results are more accurate in THERCAST® software thanks to recent improvements.


New model for polyurethane foams behavior in REM3D®

posted on November 29 2019

A new model has been developed into our software REM3D® to improve the modeling of polyurethane foams behavior


New customer portal

posted on August 01 2019

A brand new customer portal


Research - 3D numerical modeling of ductile fracture

posted on April 12 2019

Research program in association with CEMEF: 3D numerical modeling of ductile fracture


FORGE® NxT 3.0 is released

posted on March 12 2019

FORGE® NxT 3.0 is now available


New address: Transvalor is moving

posted on March 11 2019

Transvalor is moving to a new address in Sophia Antipolis


Transvalor obtains ISO 9001 - 2015 version

posted on October 20 2018

Transvalor renews its ISO 9001 certification and gets the 2015 version


CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition - Special offer

posted on January 08 2018

Special offer CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition


Journées "La Forge de Demain" les 08 & 09 novembre 2017 à Metz, France

posted on November 09 2017

Transvalor participated in the event "La Forge de Demain", dedicated to the evolution of the Vulcain platform on 8 and 9 November 2017 at the Campus Arts de Métiers in Metz.


2017 Trophy of Numerical Simulation: A PRIZE FOR TRANSVALOR !!

posted on July 10 2017

For the 3rd edition of the 2017 Trophies of numerical simulation organized under the Teratec Forum, Transvalor was the prize-winner in the "Prix Collaboration" category for the DIGIMU® project.



posted on June 30 2017

For a maximum brand positioning and a better exposure we offer you exhibition possibilities during the 1st edition of " TRANSVALOR INTERNATIONAL SIMULATION DAYS " in September 26-28, 2017 in Nice, France.


WEBINAR by Transvalor on May 10 : New Features of FORGE® NxT 2.0 !

posted on April 04 2017

WEBINAR by Transvalor on May 10 : New Features of FORGE® NxT 2.0 ! Transvalor will present you FORGE® software with all of its new features in our first webinar session on Wednesday 10th May, 2017 - 11:00.


DIGIMU® honored by the CSMA 2016 thesis winner !

posted on March 08 2017

DIGIMU® honored by the CSMA 2016 thesis winner ! Modesar Shakor won the CSMA 2016 price with his work on : "Modélisation numérique tridimensionnelle des mécanismes de rupture ductile à l'échelle microscopique".


Inauguration of the DIGIMU® industrial chair

posted on February 17 2017

On February 17, 2017 was held the inauguration of the DIGIMU® industrial chair at School of Mines in Paris.


ISO9001 Certification

posted on January 15 2017

ISO9001 Certification The ISO 9001 standard is a set of quality practices that ensures the use of effective processes that are consistently monitored and continually improved.


Become a TRANSVALOR distributor

posted on March 16 2016

Become a TRANSVALOR distributor in Russia, Scandinavia or Asia.


New tailored service offering

posted on July 21 2015

Transvalor proposes a new tailored service offering to conduct the kind of simulation studies for your company that you cannot or may not wish to carry out internally.


FORGE®: Training catalog 2015

posted on October 27 2014

Here is the program of our inter-company training courses in 2015


REM3D® Product Launch

posted on June 25 2014

Presentation of the product launch REM3D®, a TRANSVALOR software program for the simulation of injection processes at FIP2014, Plastics Industry Exhibition in France.


FORGE® NxT 1.0

posted on May 12 2014

FORGE® NxT 1.0 redefines Excellence for forging simulations


FORGE®: Customer success story

posted on September 29 2013

Forging Process Optimization using Computer Simulation: "Optimisation of forging process for a Circular Flange" by ARAI - The Automotive Research Association of India


FORGE®: New Graphical Interface

posted on September 26 2013

Exciting opportunities with FORGE®'s new Graphical User Interface!


Best titanium thesis award

posted on May 20 2013

Mr. Amico Settefrati, young employee at Transvalor, was awarded the French prize for the best PhD thesis during the Titanium Technology Days of the French Association of Titanium on 15 and 16 May 2013 in Nantes.