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Projet FLUOFAB pour le fluotournage

posted on June 08 2019

Le projet FLUOFAB, emmené par le Groupe CNIM, bénéficie d’un financement de 2,8 millions d’euros du Programme d’investissements d’avenir, opéré par Bpifrance.


SIA - La transformation digitale au coeur du secteur automobile

posted on April 30 2019

Stéphane Andrietti, Directeur Marketing et Communication de Transvalor a répondu aux questions de la revue SIA.


Développement du forgeage multidirectionnel avec FORGE®

posted on March 29 2019

La Revue Forge & Fonderie a publié un article sur une étude du forgeage multidirectionnel conduite par le Cetim et l'IPH. Les travaux ont notamment réalisés avec FORGE®.


TEI (TUSAS Engine Industries Inc.) has chosen FORGE® to simulate its hot forging process

posted on January 21 2019

TEI (TUSAS Engine Industries Inc.) has chosen FORGE® software to simulate its hot forging process


Process simulation for fastener manufacturing

posted on November 21 2018

Fastener + Fixing Magazine published an article about Transvalor and the benefits of manufacturing process simulation.


Induction heat treatment simulation with FORGE® at NTN-SNR Roulements

posted on November 16 2018

The French magazine "Traitements & Matériaux" has published a technical article presenting the use of FORGE® software by NTN-SNR Roulements for the simulation of induction heat treatment, from the generator to quenching.


The added value of forging simulation with FORGE® at Renault Group

posted on November 06 2018

Renault Group used Transvalor software FORGE® to optimize its forging process in order to anticipate the impact of the various processes to digitally validate the manufacturing range and design as accurately as possible.


Leiber Group chooses FORGE® Simulation Software to improve process development of lightweight forged components

posted on August 07 2018

TRANSVALOR, world leading solution provider for the manufacturing industry announces that LEIBER Group GmbH & Co. KG has introduced FORGE® simulation software in...


FORGE® & THERCAST® in "Bulletin d'informations" edition 2018: Process simulation solutions for Fine Watchmaking

posted on June 22 2018

For over 30 years, Transvalor, software company established in France, in the Sophia Antipolis technology center...


Transvalor and Elysium to Release CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition

posted on April 27 2017

Transvalor and Elysium to Release CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition: Guarantee Instant Reuse of Design Data in CAE Analysis


Transvalor announces its new partnership with Elysium

posted on January 20 2017

Transvalor announces its new partnership with Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider.


THERCAST®: At the Cutting Edge of Research and Innovation

posted on July 15 2015

The article "THERCAST®: At the Cutting Edge of Research and Innovation" released in the edition of June from Global Casting Magazine.


Release THERCAST® 8.2 : Improved software for the simulation of steel and metal casting

posted on February 11 2015

TRANSVALOR announces the release of THERCAST® 8.2 version.


FORGE®: Simulating Multi-Stage Cold Forging to Reduce Time-to-Market and Production Costs

posted on November 14 2014

Using finite element analysis, process engineers optimized the production sequence for a heat pipe fitting


THERCAST®: Experience with pouring simulation in three French steel mills

posted on September 23 2013

Since the first introduction of software to simulate the pouring and solidification of steel, opinions on its usefulness have been divided...


THERCAST®: Simulation of continuous casting processes and its thermo-mechanical approach

posted on April 02 2013

This article about THERCAST and the simulation of continuous casting has been published in "MPT International" in December 2012


THERCAST®: Ingot Casting simulation

posted on March 01 2013

An article about Ingot Casting simulation with THERCAST has been published in Casting Plant and Technology International, Jan 2013